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An Effective Therapy for Diseases Without Any Side Effects!

Acupoint is the traditional Chinese medicine and meridian is the big drug storehouse. If you can make the best of them, you will surely have no diseases.
Perform moxibustion on these acupoints frequently and it helps you to reduce the dependency of drugs.
The purpose of taking medicine is to provide internal organs with different kinds of nutrient elements to balance Yin and Yang by the properties of drugs. While moxibustion stimulates the self-healing ability of human body, and then people will become healthy. If we can be stronger without drugs, why don’t we try it?
1.Heyang(BL55) = Duzhong Zhuanggu Pill
It is effective to low back, back, neck and leg diseases.

2.Qihai(RN6) = Codonopsis pilosula
It strengthens the middle warmer and benefits Qi. It’s commonly used to cure the weakness of spleen-stomach, deficiency of Qi-Blood, tiredness, deficiency of food, thirsty, diarrhea and rectocele.

3.Taixi(KI3) = Rehmannia glutinosa
Nourish blood and reinforce Yin.

4.Zhaohai(KI6) = Rehmannia glutinosa Libosch
Clear heat and promote fluid.

5.Fuliu(KI7) = Liu-wei-di-huang pill
Moxibustion for insufficiency of Kidney-Yin. It supplements Yin and Yang.

6.Taixi(KI3) + Fuliu(KI7) = Perfect major supplementation decoction

7.Taichong(LR3) + Yanglingquan(GB34) = Xiaoyao-pill

8.Fengmen(BL12) + Kongzui(LU6) = Nourish spleen

9.Shangqiu(SP5) = Anti-inflammatory drug

10.Shenmai(BL62) = Pure-Yang medicine

11.Dadu(SP2) = Drugs for calcium supplement

12.Baihui(DU20) = Cure hundreds of diseases


13.Taichong(LR3) + Taixi(KI3) + Quchi(LI11) = Antihypertensive drugs

14.Renzhong = Drugs for first-aid

15.Rangu(KI2) = Hypoglycemic drugs

16.Renying(ST9) = Drugs for quick antihypertensive

17.Yingxiang(LI20) + Kongzui(LU6) = Drugs for nosebleed

18.Sanyinjiao(SP6) = Nourish Yin



19.Shaoshang(LU11) = Drugs for sore throat

20.Hegu(LI4) = Drugs to ease pain


21.Jiquan(HT1) = Save-heart pill

22.Jianjing(GB21) = An effective acupoint for pain in neck, shoulder and lower back.

23.Taixi(KI3) = Nourish Yin and tonify kidney
There are many acupoints which we can select to improve diseases. Drugs may have side effects, but they don’t. Make good use of them, and you will be healthier and healthier.

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